Saturday, July 22, 2017
9:30 am to 4:15 pm

This playful alphabet has FUN written all over it! This charming, casual script gives a fresh, modern twist to the traditional alphabet. More Here.

Level: Beginner (and Up)
Available Seats: SOLD OUT!
1 Session, 6 hours
Cost: $99


*Supply list will be sent upon registration.

More Classes Coming Soon!

 Classes in New Jersey

Located in Sparta (northern) NJ, calligraphy classes are held at the ISD Church, 15 Sparta Avenue, 07871.

Learn calligraphy and the related arts from a seasoned instructor with nearly 40 years of professional experience as a calligrapher, designer, and instructor, Kathy Milici.  Classes are offered in Spring and Fall sessions in Sparta, (northern) New Jersey.  Whether you are looking for an extensive 4-week calligraphy study program or a fun, one-day workshop, we offer you the highest quality learning experience.


Practice, patience and perseverance. These are the secrets to success in life and art. -Kathy Milici