Joyful. Intelligent. Fun. Encouraging.  Thoughtful. Entertaining. Uplifting.

These are all words that students use to describe Kathy Milici's teaching style.

KATHY BELIEVES IN CREATING a safe environment where participants can express and create without judgment. She encourages, inspires, uplifts, and supports your learning experience. She believes that you can start where you are, right now. Learning is fun!

KATHY WILL TRAVEL to your calligraphy guild, arts organization, art/retail store, event location or museum, teaching in consecutive 2 day or 3 day (weekend) sessions. Choose from a weekend of studying one themed topic, or 2 one-day workshops back to back.

Workshop Titles Include:

  • Modern Storybook Script
  • Modern Storybook 2: The Layout Class
  • Divine Flourishes
  • The Flourished Name
  • The Flourished Monogram
  • The Flourished Envelope
  • The Gilded Flourish (with Dan Mooney)
  • Fancy & Fearless- Super Flourished Script Caps
  • Fabulous Fraktur Caps
  • Decorated Letters
  • Calligraphy Patterns & Decorative Borders
  • Creating Business Success


Where's Kathy?

2017 Travel Schedule

October 7 & 8
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Calligraphy Guild
Modern Storybook Script

October 29
New York City
Society of Scribes
Holiday Flourishes

November 10, 11 & 12
Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham Calligraphy Guild
The Flourished Envelope
The Flourished Name
The Flourished Monogram

November 19
New York City
Society of Scribes
Fancy Flourished Caps

Coming in 2018:

New York City

California (Orange County)

Rutland, Vermont

Check back often for more additions!

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. -Vincent Van Gogh