Fabulous Fraktur Caps

Based on 15th century Gothic Blackletter styles, the Fraktur alphabet (from the German meaning "fracture" or "broken") has a rich and interesting history. Flourished Fraktur, while certainly used for extreme ornamentation, was also used to protect against forgery. These highly complex capitals, which often look like an explosion of lines swirling in motion, are actually a system of applied techniques that are meticulously planned and constructed as a series of strokes, and when carefully designed, create beautifully dramatic patterns of movement, texture, and density of color. We will first examine historic specimens to help us improve our "eye," and achieve a greater understanding of what makes flourished Fraktur so visually successful. Next, we will learn the individual components and the step-by step process of creating a simple capital letter design, from pencil sketches and traced overlays, to completing the final "inked" letter. Then, we will carefully construct a super-flourished letter using everything we’ve learned, down to the smallest detail, and learn to analyze your own work for future projects. Come and create your own flourished masterpiece!

Level: Intermediate

*Please note: This is a design workshop. A basic knowledge of broad and/0r pointed pen styles is helpful.

A supply list and link to order will be sent upon registration.