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Mission Statement

Kathy Milici Creative is dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of beautiful writing.  

I am committed to serve present and future generations of like-minded people by linking with scribes and artistic scholars of past generations. All calligraphy, design and teaching is rendered with the utmost sense of honor, reverence and excellence. In my life and work, I seek and strive for visual beauty, and to encourage, support, and be spiritually uplifting to others.

I put my heart and soul in all that I do. After 40 years of study, learning and sharing, calligraphy is still my greatest passion. My desire to serve and teach only grows stronger with time.  My goal is to foster a loving, sharing community of artists that will perpetuate this beautiful art form and its artistic heritage for generations to come.

In love of letters,

Kathy Milici

Is the practice of calligraphy not a prayerful meditation?
This is the essence of our healing art. -Kathy Milici