Introduction to Copperplate Script

A great place for the beginner to start! Also known as English Roundhand, this 18th century, formal script style of writing is still fresh and versatile today! Using a flexible, pointed nib and an oblique (elbow) pen holder dipped in ink, this elegant writing style is a beautiful way to begin your journey into the world of calligraphy. If you have experience, this is the perfect way to brush up and refine your forms!

 In this 3 week workshop, we will first become familiar with some of the calligrapher’s writing tools, including inks, nibs, and pen holders. We will then learn the principal strokes and foundation of each individual letter form, including upper and lower cases. Enter the alphabet necklace, a writing exercise, to help you learn proper spacing. Also ligatures, writing proper names and writing lines of text will be covered. We will also have fun with writing smaller, some fun lists to copy, and many tips and techniques to launch you into your script writing nirvana...with practice, of course!

Level: Beginner (and up)

*Please note: a supply list and link to register will be sent upon registration.