The Flourished Monogram

In this workshop, we will first look at some famous monograms and what makes them so visually successful. Then, as we develop our own designs (from simple to more complex) using step-by-step instructions, we will explore the ‘elasticity’ of letters, learning how to bend, modify, repeat, stretch, overlap and interlock lines to create well balanced, useful and visually beautiful monograms. From a pencil sketch to finished "inked" designs, and working with shapes such as spirals, cameos, shields and diamonds, you will be guided through the interplay of patterns and textures as you develop and design your own images that are fit to be crowned in royalty!

Level: Intermediate

Please note: This is not a letterforms class. A basic knowledge of pointed pen script writing is recommended to benefit from this workshop.

A supply list and link to order will be sent upon registration.