The Flourished Recipe


Who doesn’t love a good recipe? Join Kathy on this one-day, fun adventure in layout and composition, as you learn many techniques with a huge visual payoff! See your ideas come to life with easy, step-by-step instructions and plenty of guidance.

Turn your recipes into beautiful works of art; drawn, flourished and painted to perfection! Bring one of your own cherished family recipes, or choose one from Kathy’s complimentary recipe booklet, as her special gift to you!

You will learn the secrets of creating visual balance, reverse writing (white on dark paper), whimsical flourishing and illustration. Also, sketching and measuring techniques, determining color palettes, writing to scale, and formatting blocks of text to suit your image area.

Level: Intermediate

Please note: This is a design/layout class. No letterforms will be taught. Basic knowledge of at least one calligraphic hand is necessary to fully benefit from this class.